I have always had a passion for interior design and loved expressing myself creatively.
I recall that as a young girl I used to build model homes using boxes and redecorated my bedroom very often.
Originally dreamed of becoming an actress, but ended up studying interior design at Chelsea College of Art and Design, University of the Arts in London where I learnt to understand the whole concept of creating beautiful and functional spaces.
When I walk into an empty space I can imagine the lines, the light, the colours, the textures.
I appreciate the beauty of materials such a velvet, silk, varieties of marbles, brass. I love using the light to bring out the sophistication, the depth of the materials. My signature style is unexpected, elegant and luxurious.
To get inspired, I spend time researching new materials, visiting showrooms, seeing new collections and travelling.
I also have a passion for photography, specially portraiture.
I believe the well designed spaces can enhance our wellbeing while reflecting our personalities.

Marta Standzon